Thursday, January 21, 2010

:about fashion.

Posted by tyka dins at 8:12 PM
we all love fashion?
those sometime willing to do anything for fashion.whoah!
most people like to dress up like an artist or whatsoever..
for me,its good for your personal appearance..hmm,not much i know about fashion..but as long as people feel not to "menjolok mata" when im wearing any fashion...sometime too oldies..hahah i admit that.hahah...*bongok la kau ni ika*..
im addict into this brand.TED BAKER london made.dunno why.but its look adorable to me.yes.n i have lovely bro gave to me.hahaha..abg,u GAVE to me kan?hehe..but sayang nak pakai..*
cuz that one terlampau qute..hehe..
ayo tyka,u sampai sini mana u punye english ha?haha..bahasa rojak is bad ok!
back to the Ted Baker just now,in Malaysia i think the Ted Baker's Shop is around Pavilion.I guess so.Dont know if the shop already open or not open yet..but you all must have a look their stuff n the price quite reasonable..har har har..
and one more brand that i love lately is Coach.Why i dunno.*Selera macam orang kaya* haha..
hope that Cik Mariana Alias will confirm as well to go US on this June yah! Nak Coach Nak Coach! hehe...
So guys,any fashion would you like to share with me?
tyka dins



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